We Inspect, Replace, and Repair Your Brakes

If your brakes have been making some unusual noises, like squeaking or grinding when you come to stop, then you should bring your car, truck, or van into Winn's to have them inspected. We have years of experience in diagnosing brake problems on a wide range of vehicles.

After we give your brakes an inspection we will make a recommendation about how the problem can get solved. We can replace brake pads if they're the problem, or replace your rotors if they look like they have worn out their usefulness.

We believe that regular inspections on your brakes, even if they are not making any noise or having issues, is a wise way to avoid future issues. We check brake conditions when you bring your car in for an inspection.

Is It Time to Replace My Brakes?

Maybe it's not your whole brake system at issue. When we inspect your brakes, we might find that just replacing your pads is all that you'll need to fix your brake problem. If it is your rotors, we can get them replaced and get you back on the road. Your best move is going to bring in your car, truck, or van into the shop for regular maintenance and inspections. We can spot a brake problem before it becomes an issue for you.

We offer rotor cutting technology that can help extend the life of your brake system, especially if it'll save you time and money. Often, we just replace the rotors if they are showing signs of age. It's just too important to have brakes that work consistently and effectively. Contact Winn's Auto Service for a comprehensive brake inspection, and we'll recommend a solution. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call!



What We Look for When Inspecting Your Brakes

Your vehicle’s brake system is more than just pads and rotors. You should have your entire system inspected regularly.
Winn's Auto Service offers full brake inspections, brake repairs, and full replacements.


  • Pads and rotors replacement
  • Power brake boosters
  • Brake fluid reservoir checks
  • Master cylinder inspection
  • Brake lines and hoses checked for leaks
  • ABS systems inspection
  • Drum brake components signs of wear
  • Disc brake components
  • Digital Calipers/ Calipers
  • Brake warning light resets
  • Emergency brake issues

Bring in Your Car, Truck, or Van for Brake Work

The Winn's brand has been a staple of the Clinton area for decades. Now, under new management, you'll find the same high level quality service but with improved equipment and technology. At Winn's you can expect the same quality automotive care and maintenance found with other Nimey businesses in the area.

We can help you with a variety of car repair problems: engine work, brake problems, batteries, suspension and other problems. We repair most makes and models of cars, trucks, and vans, whether domestic or foreign.   

We only use factory authorized parts. Our vehicle repair services are performed with only the best quality parts and fluids GUARANTEED. NO SHORTCUTS.

You shouldn’t wait until your vehicle’s stopping power is compromised. Contact Winn's Auto Service to keep your vehicle running optimally. We can handle all kinds of repairs.