Local Tire Install & Retail Services in Clinton, NY

We want to find you a set of tires that are going to give you thousands of miles of service. What you drive, how you drive, and when you drive is going to be a part of your decision making process when it comes to tire purchases. As your tires wear down they start to lose traction, show signs of balding, go out of balance causing wobbling at high speed. Not only is it not safe, it's also not good for the overall health of your car or truck. Which is why you want to find a local dealer who can help you find the perfect set of tires for your car, your driving habits, and your budget.  Whether you need summer tires, snow tires, all-weathers for your commuting in the Clinton, New York, and surrounding areas. Stop by Winn's Auto Repair for service you can depend on and tires you can feel proud to own. We are a local seller who knows that you're more than another car owner, you're one of our neighbors. Call now for pricing on tires for your car, truck, or van.

Stack of tires in Next Gen Car Care shop located in Clinton, NY.

We can supply you with quality tires for all weather conditions

Buying a new set of tires for your vehicle is an investment in safety and performance. We have trained personnel to help you hone in on the perfect set for your car, truck or van. Come experience the winning difference at Winn's Auto Service on Route 5 in Clinton, NY. Call now for an appointment or use our online appointment form.

Snow Tires Can Keep you Safe

Winters in New York can get pretty harsh. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, and ice make regular appearances as early as October and as late as May. Having a set of snow tires on your car is going to be a necessity to get through the worst of it. We have a wide range of snow tires that fit your requirements for getting through to the spring. Tell us where you're expecting to drive and we can match a tread to your adventures. We've been putting tires on cars, trucks, and vans for years; and we've learned a few things:

  • Winter tires are specifically designed and manufactured to provide  traction on icy or snowy roads.
  • Stopping distance performance of winter tires on packed snow is typically about 35% shorter than all season tires and 50% shorter than summer tires.
  • Winter tires provide improved traction on road temperatures below 7°C (45 °F), even when snow and ice are not present.
  • Swapping out your summer tires for a winter set will extend the life of both sets of tires by several years.
  • Snow tires can eliminate the hassles that come with snow chains. Unlike winter tires, snow chains are installed and removed based on road conditions. But, with winter tires, you are covered in all cold weather conditions, including dry pavement and snow.

Contact Winn Auto Service to get a price quote or appointment for your snow tires. Ask about our tire storage options for your non-winter tires. We can help make it an easy and affordable experience.

How Can Winn Auto Service Help with My Tires?

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge about tire quality and performance. Our depth of expertise and years of proven experience provide us with a catalog of industry best practices that helps us help you stay safe on the road.

Common Signs of Tire Wear and Damage:

Like they say, this is where the rubber meets the road. The idiom is valid because the quality of your tires is going to affect the performance of your car regardless of the weather.

Here are a few signs of tire wear and tear:

  • Vibration or wobbling— is another sign that something is wrong with your tires.
  • Tread depth: You should always have more than 1/16-inch tread depth on your tires, we think 1-inch tread depth is ideal.
  • Tread wear indicator bars—You should replace your tires if your tread wear indicator bars are exposed. Tread wear indicators are parallel bars that run perpendicular to the direction of the tread.
  • Sidewall cracking— A cracked or weathered sidewall indicates the your tire is losing its structural strength and needs replacing.
  • Bulges and blisters—This is a dangerous condition that can lead to blowouts.

We can help you find the tires you need at Winn's

We provide a broad range of tire brands for all vehicle makes and models. If there is a brand you trust above all others, we'll find it for you, and we usually meet and often beat the competition. We offer brands including, but not limited to:

When you need specialty services, count on Winn Auto Service

Find out the winning difference at Winn's Auto Repair. Whether you need snow tire storage, careful expert installation for high performance tires, or special equipment to install low-profile tires without risking damage to your vehicle, Winn Auto Repair can assist you with all your tire purchasing and installation needs. Call us now or make an online appointment.